Explore Groups

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Explore Groups are a space where students can come along to discover more about the Christian faith and delve into those difficult questions.

It is an enjoyable space where students will be able to feel comfortable sharing their views on faith. Whether they have strong, little or no faith they will find a welcoming environment - they just need to be willing to get involved, make people smile and listen. 

Explore is essentially: Fun, Food, Friends, Faith, Future.


Youth Alpha is a 13-week course, often used in Explore Groups as an introduction to the Christian faith, which tackles questions such as 

  • Who is Jesus?

  • Why did he die?

  • What about the Holy Spirit?

  • Does God heal today?

Christian Unions

Christian Unions (CUs) are groups within schools for young people to explore Christianity and develop their faith, usually meeting during a lunchtime. Step’s vision for CUs is that they should be student-led, usually by sixth formers and we support the group and the leaders. Some CUs will also have teachers present, whereas some won’t. Each one is very different but we really want to encourage each group to be outward looking (either to their non-Christian friends or through prayer and mission in the school). We also offer training sessions for CU leaders, where they are given the opportunity to meet other students who are running similar groups.