Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Step charge?

Step generally doesn't charge schools for any of the activities we deliver as we want our work to be a gift from the local churches. However, we sometimes ask schools to contribute to bigger expenditure such as covering the cost of hiring buildings offsite and providing refreshments for Retreat Days. Schools may choose to provide donations to Step so we can create/buy new resources, where we don't currently have the funds or to cover photocopying etc. For more information on how Step is funded, please click here

Does Step want young people to become Christians?

The short and honest answer is yes but we also believe that schools are educational institutions and proselytising would be inappropriate. Step seeks, through our lessons and activities, to give young people enough information for them to make an informed and individual choice about the Christian message. If there are young people who do show an interest, we can provide opportunities for them to link with local churches and youth groups but we are careful to do this and train our volunteers to do this in an appropriate and transparent way. The fact Step has worked in local schools for over 20 years and we are continuously being asked to do more and more, is evidence we have built up a trusting relationship with school staff and students. We do have a Complaints procedure (see question below) should you deem any of our staff or volunteers are not acting in the high and appropriate standards we expect.

How does Step deal with pupil disclosures?

Step has a Child Protection Policy, which we can provide to you if you wish to read it. Our staff and volunteers are trained to not promise confidentiality to pupils and where there is a disclosure they will assess the risk, contact the school Child Protection Officer where needed, record details of the disclosure and inform the Step Director of actions taken. Our Director will then liaise with the school to ensure the situation is dealt with. 

Does Step just teach RE lessons?

Step has sometimes got the reputation of just teaching RE lessons in schools but the reality is, we offer so much more. For more details of all we have to offer, please click here.

What denomination is Step?

Step is not affiliated with any one denomination. We have staff and volunteers from numerous denominations, including Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, United Reformed and many independent churches. Although we are an Evangelical charity, we have enjoyed close links with the Catholic community and we are heavily involved in the life of Nicholas Breakspear School. 

Where do the Step volunteers come from?

Step's volunteers come from the local churches. Some will be paid church leaders or youth workers and working with Step is part of their role, while others will be members of the congregation who want to give their time to serve their local schools through us. Each volunteer will be interviewed, DBS checked and given training to ensure they are fully prepared. We also offer a Step Experience program at Step so people at change points in their lives may spend a year with us. 

What do I do if I need to complain about Step? (less frequently asked question)

We very rarely get complaints and if we do, they have been dealt with quickly and professionally. If for any reason you are unhappy with the work of Step or the conduct of our staff and volunteers, please do contact us. We have a procedure designed to ensure that any complaint is clearly understood, dealt with at the right level and that appropriate action is taken. Please get in touch with the office if you would like to have a copy of our procedure.