Geoff Sutton

'My name is Geoff' has become a well known phrase since 22 Jump Street came to our screens in 2014 and those 4 words went viral, but I can honestly say hand on heart that I was using it many years beforehand (I won't say how many years!). I can be grateful at least that not many people forget my name in school now. But what else can I say about myself other than my now-famous name? Here are a few things that will reveal a little more about me. 

What are my likes and dislikes?

As a Christian working for a Christian charity I shouldn't really forget to mention God, Jesus, the Bible and church in my 'likes' section but I genuinely do. I'm also a Spurs fan, which until recently has been a painful existence. I enjoy playing most sports especially football and golf (although I have less time to play those with 2 young daughters in the house- I mustn't forget they are also in my 'like' section, along with my wife of course). My proudest moment on a golf course was getting an eagle as a 150-yard shot over a tree trickled into the hole. It was shortly followed by an 8 at the next hole but I won't go into any details about that! My favourite meal is probably a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (except brussel sprouts) and you can't beat a trifle for dessert (or for breakfast for that matter). I also love sunsets (the banner image, taken by my wife, in a little island called Lopud in Croatia where I was on my Honeymoon- you may just about tell it's me in the picture.)

I don't like poverty and injustice in the world; cauliflower (which I'd say is worse than brussel sprouts); programs such as Jeremy Kyle; horse racing and people tailgating or not indicating when driving. 

Why do I work for Step?

I have been working for Step since 2008 after volunteering for a couple of years beforehand while studying. It is a great place to work with an amazing team and I thoroughly enjoy all the challenges it brings, both in and out of a school setting. I am grateful to have been brought up in a Christian family and I genuinely believe the Christian faith brings joy, hope and purpose to my life. I want to share about this faith in words and in actions so young people can have the information to make their own minds up about what they believe. I love sharing about my beliefs but I also love hearing about what other people believe in and having that conversation in a respectful way.

What are some of the best moments in my life so far?

The birth of my 2 daughters would definitely be top of the list along with when I proposed to my wife (fortunately she said yes) and then getting married on the most beautiful September day. I also spent a gap year in Australia working for Scripture Union running outdoor adventure camps for school groups, which I absolutely loved. One moment from that year which is a highlight was when on a training camp spending a night sleeping in the open air on top of a huge rock in the outback (not quite as big as Ayres Rock though). With no artificial light, it was the most amazing sunset and I've never seen stars with such clarity and in such numbers before or since. I should probably mention again that eagle while playing golf! 

I'll try and answer any other questions people may have and put them on this page. If you want to please use our contact us page or submit a question page.