Helena Trent


About me
I always find it incredibly difficult to write about myself… I never know where to begin or what to include or leave out. I suppose we can start with the fact that I’ve pretty much lived in St. Albans all my life, apart from whilst I studied my degree when I lived temporarily in Bedford. Since coming back from Uni I have been working as a Teaching Assistant in Killigrew Primary School and I had an amazing time working there for three years. During this time I have been volunteering in my church youth group at The Vineyard, which I continue to do. I really enjoy spending time with friends and family in my free time and also enjoy helping people in anyway that I can. 

Likes and Dislikes
It probably goes without saying that my first like/love is God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and the Bible. Since they play such a massive part in both my work and personal life it would be ridiculous not to mention them first! I love it when I have the opportunity to go to Christian festivals such as Soul Survivor and can completely immerse myself in the worship music. 

My next great love is everything Harry Potter! I love getting lost in the books, watching the films and talking to people about their favourite parts and discussing why things happen the way they do. I have enjoyed watching investigation shows like CSI since we had an extra curricular forensic day at school in year 9 and because of this know a load of random and generally useless facts about forensic science. 


I have enjoyed musical theatre for many years and love having the chance to see shows in the West End. Some of my favourite musicals include: Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Mamma Mia and Sunny Afternoon. My favourite film is currently The Shack – My favourite type of food is probably a roast dinner – My favourite book is obviously the Harry Potter Series. My favourite car is definitely a VW campervan! I couldn’t even begin to choose my favourite music because I like so many different genres including pop, folk, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s along with many more. 

I really dislike guns, nerf guns or anything gun related, as I don’t like any form of violence. I also hate having to throw away plastic and try to recycle or reuse as much as I can.  I don’t like unkindness, injustice, poverty or prejudice.  I dislike ‘bad drivers’ especially those who don’t indicate, make dangerous moves or think they own the road. My last real dislike is any kind of spicy food. 

Why Step?
Step has been part of my life from the time I started secondary school in 2004. For the first couple of years I enjoyed attending a lunchtime club called PUSH, which Step would often come into. I also enjoyed many of the lessons and assemblies Step came into do during my time in secondary school. After I finished school and started going to University I volunteered at Step during my time off in the summer. I can honestly say that Step has had a massively positive impact on my life and I love that I am able to live my life comfortably in the knowledge that Jesus loves me. 

Best moments of my life
Some of the best moments of my life include: holidays with my family especially when my friend came along as well, getting a 2:1 in my degree, moving in to my house, getting baptised, attending Soul Survivor with STAV youth and becoming a Schools Coordinator for Step.