Labyrinths are mazes where you can’t get lost (well, you shouldn’t anyway) but instead follow (with the help of iPods) a trail of about 9 activities at certain stations leading you back out of the maze. Step has a generic 7m x 7m mat with a labyrinth painted on and resources for several themed labyrinths. Currently we have labyrinths related to:

Relationships Labyrinth

Young people explore a variety of relationships, from friendships and romantic relationships to their relationship with God. Students make a pair of glasses that become their ‘God Lenses’ to help them consider what God might have to say about the different relationships they have been reflecting on.

Easter Labyrinth

Students get the chance to journey through the story of Easter through CS Lewis' The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, a book written to explain the meaning of this important festival in the Christian Calendar

Advent Labyrinth

This labyrinth helps young people to prepare for Christmas by reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.