Sponsored Sleep-Out 2015

A big thank-you to all the Step team who got involved in the Sleep-Out event this year on the 4th December.

We created an opportunity within the half an hour worship event from 10pm for those who wanted to focus on why we were taking part in the event this year. The focus for the service was a passage from Isaiah 58. Injustice and oppression which those attending felt they wanted to see disappear from our world were written on luggage labels, these were then tied to balloons which were blow up and passed around the space we were in. Those attending were asked to prayerfully read the items written on the balloons that were being passed or hit around the Abbey crossing where the event was held. These balloons were then popped to make a statement about stamping out the examples injustice  and oppression. The noise that this created in the echo of the Abbey building was impressive, almost firework like.

The total money raised has not been added up yet but we will keep you all informed as we hear the final figure raised for homeless charities in the local area.