Townsend Experience a Step Retreat for the First Time

Easter came at an unusual time this year. Many local schools were closed for the Easter Bank Holidays, went back to school for three days and then started their two week Easter Holidays. Step was asked by Townsend to run retreats on the three days inbetween the Easter Bank Holidays and the school holidays.  So Step celebrated Good Friday and Easter Monday and had the immense privilege to spend the next three days exploring the ideas of Justice, Relationships and also Identity with years 7, 8 and 9. The students were incredible and we had a fantastic time with them. 

Each morning started with a reflection about Easter and its effect on our given topic and then we plunged into a day of games, fun and thinking. Thoughout the week the students explored fair trade through competing in the world trade market; delved into the topical issues of the refugee crisis; considered our obsessive relationship with technology; reflected on our significant relationships with others; chatted about healthy body image; considered how much we are worth as individuals and even created amazing floral designs with a very talented local florist.