BAFTA Winner Inspires Students

Step has had the privilege of making contact with Manoj Raithatha - a BAFTA winner, a property tycoon and the author of ‘Filthy Rich’. Students from Samuel Ryder, Townsend and Sandringham have recently been captivated by his story. With a wonderful mix of humour and honesty, Manoj told of his career highs and lows, and his personal faith journey, challenging students to pursue a goal that was bigger than themselves. His business was unfortunately devastated by the 2008 financial crisis, while at the same time his son became very ill. Manoj then found himself turning to God, building his life again with different foundations. He was a changed man, seeking to serve and bless others rather than chasing money. Students asked engaging questions with many buying his book. We are looking forward to Manoj speaking to and inspiring even more students in the future.