Is there any substance to your relationships?

On Tuesday Step spent an enjoyable day with the Year 12s at St Columba’s College. 

The students researched ethical shopping, role-played the experiences of a refugee family, debated revenge vs. forgiveness and explored some of Jesus’ ideas. These experiences introduced them to the concept that our relationships can often be seen as: outward to the world around us, inward towards ourselves, downward from God and upward towards God.

Step Days aren’t simply about thinking hard and considering life differently. The students ate amazing food, competed in various games (included ‘blindfold pictionary’). They were also entertained by photos of the day and finally challenged by a short talk questioning whether our faith has the appearance of power, but actually lacks any substance.  

The school has shared some wonderful photos of the day on Twitter @StColumbasRE.

If you would like to be involved in Step Days, we need people to run workshops, take photos, run games, make lunch and serve drinks. Please do contact Terrie if you would like to find out more.