“The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed”

This week we piloted a new lesson in St George’s School with some substantial theological themes.

We had been briefed to teach the students on Jewish Roots in Christianity. It had taken me a while some years before, to appreciate that messianic prophecies about Jesus are present throughout the whole Bible’s narrative, so it was essential to help the students to reflect on some key Old Testament stories.

We used the familiar Walk Through the Bible lesson as a base. This involved the students acting out some significant stories from the Old Testament in order to build their knowledge of the narrative timeline. We had plenty of props!

Young people into video gaming (which usually makes up a good 50% of a class) have become familiar with the concept of finding ‘Easter eggs’ in the games they play. These are hidden bits of code within a game which reveal new parts of the game, unlock mysteries about authorship, or even reveal clues about other games soon to become available.

So we were able to use the concept of ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in Old Testament scripture to help the Year 8s explore where messages foreshadowing Jesus Christ could be found. Together we delved into the stories of Adam & Eve and the Fall, Abraham & Isaac, Moses & the Passover, and David’s defeat of Goliath as we searched the Old Testament to find clues about the Son of God.

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