Do numbers count?


Statistics are an interesting way to communicate information. Some people love statistics others not so much. It's not one of my strengths! But it is one of my responsibilities.

Every month Step records what lessons and activities our team has delivered. Having just finished entering the data for September and October I was amazed to see we have taught 299 lessons (135 in September and 164 in October). Schools are about to break for half term, so this data only represents the first half of the Autumn term and also doesn’t include the 89 other activities we did in school and the 11 things we’ve done with churches. 

Let me give you some context to help you see why I was so struck by these numbers. 

When Step started recording data (academic year 2006-7) it wasn't as sophisticated as it is now. But in that year the lesson count stood at 265 lessons.... for the whole year! 

In the academic year 2006-7, the Step team taught the Suffering lesson the most, 29 times over the course of that year. This is a consistent number for the Suffering lesson, it was taught 31 times last year, and is being taught from November 2018 in 3 of our schools. 

In the first 8 weeks of this term, the team has taught iMatter (Life is a Journey) 32 times. It will be interesting to see if it remains our most popular lesson.

To be able to be so productive we need to recognise and celebrate the numerous volunteers that help Step to achieve such staggering numbers.

Thank you to all our volunteers who work with a member of our team to meet and interact with students in these lessons. Thank you for being committed to showing the love of Jesus to our young people. 

Do contact me if you would like to become more involved working in the schools or helping behind the scenes (like entering in the data to record the what we do).