And now for something completely different...

Pop into a St Albans or Harpenden church on a Sunday and there’s a chance you’ll find one of the Step team, maybe sharing stories from schools, preaching as a guest speaker, or updating the congregation on our latest plans. 

Occasionally, you might walk in and find that we’ve turned the entire church upside down. 

This is what happened at St Luke’s Church, Cell Barnes Lane recently. Step relies on the support of the local Christian community and loves to keep them up-to-date on our work in schools, but it can be hard to capture everything we do in a Sunday morning talk. 

So instead, we decided to let the congregation of St Luke’s experience what we do for themselves.

There were three different areas to choose from. In a large upstairs room, church members of all ages used iPods and our newest Space Mat to explore ideas around justice. 

We filled the café area with table-top activities, including playing cards designed by Youthscape, which sparked some great discussions over cups of coffee. 

Our Job resource featured in the main part of the church. We moved chairs aside and made space for people to walk through the story of Job, guided by iPods and illustrations.

Exploring the story of Job

Exploring the story of Job

We closed the morning by worshipping together and sharing each other’s experiences of the resources. It was wonderful to hear people of all generations talking about how much they took from the morning, and to see some younger members of the congregation still immersed in the activities long after the service had officially ended! 

A huge thanks to everyone at St Luke’s for inviting us in and for throwing yourselves into the morning so enthusiastically. 

If you’re wondering about the different ways that Step could feature in your Sunday services, drop us a message!