“Thank you for the work you do with our students.”

On Friday, Step had the privilege of taking part in Nicholas Breakspear’s inset day. The day consisted of celebrating the success of the previous day’s Open Evening, plus some excellent presentations exploring issues related to grief, loss and mental health.


Step was given the opportunity to talk about its work to enhance the school’s existing excellent pastoral provision for the students #nbsproud. It was a meaningful moment to join the staff in considering how we could help the students support themselves and others in the areas of anxiety, stress, grief, loss and relationships. We will shortly be launching several courses to help equip them in these areas.

As I walked round the school today it was so encouraging to have several conversations with staff thanking Step for its work and also discussing how we could work together to support the students.

If you would like to join Step’s team of mentors or course volunteers please do contact Terrie to find out more.