Do you talk about Tough Stuff?


Last week Step launched its next Tough Stuff course.

Life is full of emotional rollercoasters. The highs are easy to manage, but the lows can be devistating. It only takes a few minutes in school before you come across someone who is living through a low time. Step has been well placed to help students with these lows and has just launched its next course to support students experiencing Tough Stuff.

The Tough Stuff Course material helps young people to explore feelings related to loss in all its forms, for example bereavement, family breakdown or a move to a new area.

At the end of the course your young people will have developed:

- A greater awareness of their feelings

 - Strategies to cope with difficult emotions

 - Confidence talking about their situation

 - Empathy through hearing from others 

It runs for 6-8 weeks for up to 10 students at a time.

Our trained Step team deliver an assembly or lesson to introduce the course, interview students to check they are ready for the course and provide all the required resources free of charge.

If you would like to help young people managing their feelings of loss, or would like to help young people in other ways, please do contact Terrie.