Philosophy, Ethics and Ariana Grande

Last week, Step was invited to join in with Beaumont’s Curriculum Enrichment Day. 

The school wanted to give Year 9 a taster of Philosophy and Ethics before they make their GCSE choices, so we ran a carousel of our more challenging sessions. We wrestled with arguments for the existence of God, debated abortion, and talked about why Jesus’ attitude towards women was so controversial. 

The Year 9s threw themselves into the discussions and asked superb questions, including: 

  • How can people keep faith in God when so many bad things happen?

  • If God existed before time was created, and the word ‘eternal’ is all to do with time, is it accurate to describe God as ‘eternal’?

  • Why do we call God ‘he’ and ‘father’ if he’s not human? Does he even have a gender?

And a personal favourite:

  • Do Ariana Grande’s lyrics actually have anything to do with the Bible?

The Step team thoroughly enjoyed our mind-boggling day with the next generation of philosophers!

- Sara