Clay + Plasma Balls + Mr Potato Head = Step Day!

Last week Step spent two enjoyable days with Nicholas Breakspear’s wonderful Year 7 students. 

The day included:

250 clay pots

160 Gideon bibles

32 presentations on ‘What is church?’

12 Step team 

8 Alpha sessions

4 plasma Balls

3 Mr Potato Heads

1 Amazing Jesus

During the day we explored some of the basics of Christianity. The students considered and presented their views on the purpose of church, took part in a taster Alpha course, reflected on Step’s interactive Space Mat and considered what Christians and jars of clay have in common whilst creating clay pots. 

Step Days aren’t simply about thinking hard and considering life differently. The students also competed in various games - shockingly, these Year 7s’ favourite game included ‘tidying up’. The day concluded with the students being entertained by photos of their day and a final challenge regarding Jesus’ inaugural speech.  

If you would like to be involved in Step Days, we need people to run workshops, take photos, run games, make lunch and serve drinks. Please do contact Terrie if you would like to find out more.