The power of one


The power of one

In Step lessons, workshops and courses you would expect to have an interactive element, a student response space. It could be as simple as writing your question on a Post-It note for the lead person to answer.

As you can see from the photo, there has been a theme to some of the questions lately.

You may remember reading about Tony, who has moved away to start a new adventure, in our Quarterly Prayer Update.

Clearly some of our students are missing Tony too. It is amazing the influence that one person can have on others.

Step aims to:

· Establish and support Christian witness in every school

· Create opportunities for local Christians to contribute to the life of each school

· Support and encourage all Christians involved in the schools in any capacity

· See young lives changed for the better

· See young Christian believers integrated into church, becoming disciples and growing to maturity

This is exactly what Tony did and he clearly had a positive impact on several lives.

If you are encouraged and would like to be able to do the same, please contact Terrie to discuss joining us.