Do you ThinkWell?

This autumn term Step worked with local sixth formers to develop a resource called ThinkWell. The aim is to create a student-inspired teaching resource to help others enjoy playing with the big ideas behind life, the universe and everything. In essence, to ThinkWell through toying with ideas. The sixth formers played with ideas, creating resources to help younger students think/play through some of the key arguments regarding the existence of God. 

Categorising arguments regarding God

Categorising arguments regarding God

Through a process of categorising the arguments and exploring the opinions of key philosophers/theologians, the sixth formers created prototype resources which they then presented. Views inspired by Epicurus, Albert Eistein, Adwin Abbott, C. S. Lewis, Michelangelo, William Paley and Nicky Gumbel were judged by a discerning panel.

The sixth formers’ work was often insightful and several students made profound observations and challenges. They utilised lego, board games, playdough, toy clocks and drinking bottles to illustrate their points.


Step’s next task is to fine-tune the best ideas and develop the resources. We will then begin to use ThinkWell in Step Explore Clubs and Philosophy and Ethics classes. 

If you would like to see the ThinkWell workshop run as part of our sixth form work with your school, do contact your Schools Coordinator to arrange this.

On reflection, the students involved were practically exploring apologetics and many of them were very good at it. If you would like to be involved in helping Step develop resources, why not attend our next training on apologetics on the morning of 8th January? Contact Terrie to find out more.