Pray and play more!

Stress is a reality for most of us. Stress can unlock God’s gift of heightened speed, alertness and strength. Because of it we are able to effectively fight or flee. Stress is life saving in short bursts, but sadly it can cripple when encountered for long periods of time. 


Yesterday, 82 year 11 students explored some of the issues associated with the prolonged stress we live with in the 21st century. In an attempt to help the students explore managing excessive stress they were given Gideon Bibles, played with clay, built lego, designed marblerun towers, wrote prayers, deflated balloons, prioritised, let go, laughed, competed  and attended a workshop on stress. 

Watching these fantastic students ‘retreat’ from their normal lives clearly demonstrated the power that ‘play’ has to ease stress and bring perspective. The Step team felt they learnt as much as they imparted. 

The day concluded with a reflection on Jesus calming the storm. The students were encouraged to approach Jesus during the stress storms in their lives.

So if you're feeling an unhelpful amount of stress - pray and play more!

If you would like to be involved in Step Days, we are needing people to run workshops, take photos, play games, make lunch and serve drinks. Please do contact Terrie if you would like to find out more.