A new Schools Coordinator and a new School

St Albans and Harpenden contain 17 secondary schools which Step believes it would be good to support. Because we have wanted to do a good job, our work in schools has always been limited by our ability to coordinate it properly. With this in mind, we have tried to extend our work in schools through growing our team. 

Last week our newest Schools Coordinator Sara Martin joined us full time. Sara replaced Tim Sandford, who was part time. Considering Sara had more hours than Tim, we approached Loreto College and asked them if we could use some of Sara's hours with them. They have said yes, and we will be starting working with their sixth form next month.

Step now is working with 14 of the 17 local secondary schools. To be affective in all the schools we are supporting we are still looking for many more volunteers to mentor, teach, make drinks, write material, listen and stack chairs. If you would like to volunteer with Step, please contact Terrie to find out more.