Townsend Year 7 Community Day Retreat

We had a fantastic day with the Year 7's at Townsend C of E School last Thursday spending the whole day looking at community with them. They got to explore four workshops through the day. Community Challenge got them to think about what community is and why it is important on a very local level. The Fair-trade lesson gave the students a chance to think about how fair things are between our global communities. Build a Village gave them a chance to be creative and create either a British village or a Zimbabwean village or paint some images of what represent community for them. Which gave them a chance to think about what makes up a community. The final workshop they got involved in was Team Building Games which they thoroughly enjoyed taking part in. 

We spent some time at the beginning and end of the day discussing community in relation to our iMatter themes I am connected and I am responsible. Sharing with the students about God creating Eve as a companion for Adam, that we are connected and part of a community. We also thought about the parable of The Good Samaritan and the message it teaches us about loving our neighbour. Then we linked this with I am responsible, thinking about how we are all responsible for caring for people in our community because we are called to love our neighbour. 

The students thoroughly enjoyed the day with many of them saying they loved competing in the team games and the fair-trade game. One student said, "The session I enjoyed the most was the team games because it was fun to do things in a group rather than on your own." Another said, "The session I enjoyed the most was Community Challenge because I was able to use my imagination."

This day was only possible with the support of a fantastic team of volunteers who worked fabulously with the students all day making every session run smoothly. It was through their dedication and effort that the students were able to have such an enjoyable and valuable enrichment day. 

Below are some of the fantastic pieces of art work the students created in the Build a Village workshop. 

Helena :)