Blizzards, tea and life conundrums: my first month at Step

Where does the time go?! It feels as if my first day as a Schools Co-ordinator was about 5 minutes ago, but I have in fact been part of the Step family for a whole month now.

So what have I learnt during my first month in the new job?

1. There are not enough tea drinkers in Christian youth ministry. I’ve met loads of lovely people over the last few weeks, from my new colleagues to volunteers to friends of Step, and am growing increasingly concerned about the general preference for coffee over tea. I’m working hard to convert the Coffee Contingent and will keep you updated on my progress there.

2. It takes more than weather – even a spell of Arctic weather so ferocious that it earns a catchy name – to put a halt to Step’s work.

3. Year 8 students are a fascinating bunch of philosophers. A couple of weeks ago I ran several Ultimate Questions lessons, which gave students the chance to wrestle with conundrums of life, the universe and God. A mind-boggling session, for me as well as for the teenagers!

4. It is absolutely true that no two days (or even hours) in a school are the same.

5. I’m not quite as proficient at Skittleball of Doom as I used to be. I discovered this sad fact during the Year 7 Community Day at Townsend (Helena has written more about the day below) and have determined to train hard in preparation for next year.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next month brings, and rather desperately hoping that it isn’t more blizzards.