Introducing Leadership Foundations

On Monday, eighteen Step volunteers and staff spent its mid year team day experiencing the new resource Step has for schools- Leadership Foundations. It has been produced to empower young people to develop into good leaders through introducing some of the key qualities evident in our best leaders.

The Leadership Foundations are a series of modules that can be combined to create a course or club designed to explore different aspects of leadership. The course comprises eight 60 minute modules and has been developed specifically for students.  Modules are designed around some experience-based learning, supported by teaching and discussion.  The course is open to anyone since there is potential for leadership in each and every one of us.

The team experienced several of the modules content including: a card game designed by a local board game designer,  a 'who's line is it anyway' activity driven by wearing different hats, and an elaborate game of bingo which involved them completing team tasks (included taking selfies in Nissan cars).

If you would like to find out more about Leadership Foundations please contact Chris or Charlotte.