The Emmaus Centre

The Emmaus Centre is a building dedicated the the chaplaincy work in Nicholas Breakspear School. It has three spaces: a cafe, a counselling room and a prayer room. The cafe is used daily by roughly 18 students and the other two rooms are available through appointment or by requesting some space and time to reflect. It also has its own tarmac area outside with some garden furniture. 

The Emmaus Centre has been used to run the Alpha Course, Step’s Leadership Course, Tough Stuff Course, Chaplaincy sessions, class reflections and gatherings for the Christians in the school. The biggest limitation on this space is staffing rather than opportunity. It would be good to use the space for more of these activities, but we need more volunteers to facilitate this happening. Ideally we would like 3 people in Emmaus every lunchtime. This would enable us to open the cafe, run courses and also keep the prayer room open.

If you would like to contribute games, furniture or resources to improve the students experiences in the Emmaus Centre, please do contact Chris through the contacts page. If you would like to be even more involved and help staff the centre occassionally, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more of what it would involve.