Interesting People and their faith

Last week a Vice Admiral visited St Columba’s College with Step. His visit was part of a series of speakers exploring ‘Interesting People and their faith’.


Vice Admiral Alan Richards was the Commander of an Aircraft Carrier Strike Group in 2004, but on 21st April 2018 he took on St Columba’s College Sixth Form. Alan led the boys through an exploration of the impact of his Christian faith has on his life, choices and how it brings assurance during suffering.

Several key messages stood out:
Working in the Armed Forces is exciting
Christianity isn’t what the media tells us. It’s not about the latest scandal - it ’s about following Jesus and his teachings
Christianity isn’t an insurance policy when you die, its assurance whilst you live.

Step will be taking several other Interesting people and their views on faith into school. If you think you have a story to tell, please do contact us to discuss it further.