Fabulous Fairtrade

We have had a fab time over the last couple of weeks thinking about Fairtrade with the Year 8's in Marlborough. The students have had a great time taking part in the Fairtrade game where they became factory workers for the session.

Each group represents a different country and their aim is to as make as much money from the trainers they sell as possible. The game is specifically set up to make things much easier for the UK and USA than the other countries. The first indication the students have of this is when we tell them that not all the countries own their own branding that Bangladesh and Ghana have to give 50% of their profit to the UK and Tanzania and the Dominican Republic have to give 50% of their profit to the USA. 

With other incidents such as natural disasters, rising resource prices etc. the students have a thoroughly entreating half and hour trying to make as many trainers as they can to make as much money as they can. 

On Monday we had what is believed to be a record breaking number of trainers made along with some of the highest money making wins we have seen (See photo below). What is interesting to reflect from this though is that Ghana who nearly made the same number of trainer as the UK made £1,276 less than the UK. Even Bangladesh who made more trainers than the UK made over £1000 less than them. 

The students are able to reflect on the results and their experience  and can nearly always see that the game wasn't fair, (though you do sometimes get someone on the winning team insisting that the game was fair). They are then able to understand that the game is designed to reflect what sometimes goes on in the world and that Fairtrade is there to try to bring the balance back.

We run this lesson regularly throughout the school year. If you are interested in seeing this lesson for yourself and would like to volunteer with Step then click here for further information.

Blessings, Helena :)

Fairtrade Marlb 2018.JPG