The Season for Step Days has arrived

During June and July Step will run 13 Step Days, working with well over a thousand students from within 9 different schools. Each day we will explore different themes, including relationships, justice, identity, Jesus and change. We love these days because the students and teachers get immersed in the theme for six hours. The days are relaxed, but diverse, aiming to inspire personal engagement with the theme. Each day is designed to have a balance of different learning styles meaning that the students and teachers think, do, play and be (without screen time).

“Thank you to the Step team who come in and run the year 7 Christianity day at Verulam School. By giving up your time and by using your God given gifts you have spread the Good News to 180 boys who otherwise may not have heard it.  Such was your fantastic input that boys were able to correctly answer exam questions based on the day over six months later.  God has called you to our boys and the impact you have is phenomenal.  Thank you for all your hard work, we are lucky to have you all.”  Vicky O’Kelly, Head of RE

Step Days are run mainly by our volunteers and typically require between 10 to 16 team who take on a myriad of roles ranging from making tea and running team games through to leading workshops and delivering inspiring reflections. If you would like to be involved in our Step Day team, please contact Terrie.