Introducing our New Labyrinth focusing on Relationships

Over the past few months we have been working on an exciting new resource. The brief was to create a reflective space where young people could explore relationships in different levels, from friendships to their relationship with God and lots of things in between.

'It was impossible at the beginning to stay walking within the lines, I was constantly tempted to go for the quickest route but after a few stations I got the hang of it.'  Yr 10 student 

It was a joy to see it set up and used for the first time in our Retreat with Year 10 from Nicholas Breakspear. Students make a pair of glasses that become their God Lenses for the journey round the Labyrinth. Our Labyrinth is painted onto 6mx6m black cloth and as they walk round the route they stop off to reflect at 8 stations. iPods lead them on the journey and enable them to slow down, pause and ponder new ideas.

Wide angle view of labyrnith set up.JPG

The Labyrinth is available to be used and borrowed from us so do be in touch if this is something you would love your friends, youth group or church to explore. We have added a copy of our audio track for station 1 to give you a taster.

Look out for this resource being used more next school year!