Loreto Retreat Days: 1 down, 4 to go!

On Wednesday, a team of Step staff and volunteers descended on Loreto College to run our first of 5 retreat days this term. 

The Year 7 students threw themselves into 5 different sessions with gusto. They used props to act out stories of the Old Testament, examined the evidence for the existence of Jesus, and strengthened their newly-formed friendships through team-building games. 

They also physically ‘retreated’ away from school and down the road to Ss Alban and Stephen Catholic Church. Here they reflected on their lives as journeys and made bracelets to remind themselves of their significant milestones. In the main church, they used iPods and 8 activities to explore different ways that we can worship.

We ended the day together in the church by talking about how we’re invited to be part of the ‘body of Christ’ – one body of many parts, each with unique qualities. Each girl took home a puzzle piece to remind her, at the start of her secondary school journey, that she is a unique and valued part of a bigger picture.

The day was only the second activity Step has ever run in Loreto. The feedback from students has been very positive, with some suggesting we improve the retreat by making it longer! (We’re going to need more caffeine…)

We’re enormously grateful to every member of the team for making it possible, and to God for ensuring it was a brilliant start to Step’s relationship with Year 7. 

Do pray for the upcoming retreat days with the other year groups and contact Terrie if you want to get involved – we’d love to add your unique qualities to this picture!