Welcome to your new school!!!

Step had the privilege of being part of the Year 7 induction carousel at Townsend for the start of their secondary school journey. We saw each form group twice over two consecutive days.

On the first day we thought about our lives as journeys. The students spent time thinking about where they were in their life currently and then thought about the experiences they’ve had already and the hopes they have for the future. They then made a bracelet that would remind them of the journey so far and the journey yet to come.

On the second day the students competed in a Church of England Quiz where each form tried their best to have the highest score in attempt to win a prize for their form. We then thought about Butterflies and the transition they make from caterpillar to butterfly. The students watched a video of the transformation process which is amazing )but slightly bizarre)!!! They then thought about what they would miss in primary school and what they were looking forward to in secondary school and wrote their thoughts down on a butterfly.

It was great to meet the students again after their transition day in July and spend some time with them at the very beginning of their school journey. We have lots of fantastic opportunities to work with the all the Year groups in Townsend this term. If you want to find out how you could be part of a fantastic team of volunteers and join in please click on the link.