What is Church?


Step had the privilege of spending time with Loreto College Year 11 on Tuesday this week. They had five different sessions during the day and I was part of the team leading one in particular.

In our session we reflected together on what it means to be church and what it means to be a school community. By setting out 4 different reflective but also active spaces we hoped to focus on the idea that there are different relationships that exist within school and faith communities.

Upward relationship - our communication with God

Downward relationship - His communication with us

Two outward relationships - to each other and also to the world around us

It was wonderful to allow the students to think about these areas and realise that relationships form an integral part of church and community.

The students wrote their own psalms to express their upward relationship to God. The girls honestly reflected on what they would like to say to God and the questions that they have. The things they wrote were so great we have made a short video of their Psalm Scroll which you can view below.

It is my last week at Step before I go on maternity leave so it feels like such a privilege to have been able to open up this space for reflection.

Do consider whether you would like to join our retreat team, it really is so rewarding!

Thanks for reading, look out for more news,