Our office is an amazing space. 

It has the usual office components of desks, chairs, meetings, resources and stuff you'd expect in an office. But this week it was also a training space for our team First Aid Course, a Year 12 Retreat space and where we cook and share lunch. 
As volunteers co ordinator, the lunch and the Retreat have a specific interest for me.

Once a month our Admin team comes into our office to stuff envelopes, laminate, cut, prepare, pack and create. It's a couple of hours on a Friday morning towards the end of each month (varies slightly between 3rd and 4th week). This team supports the work of Step by helping us to be ready.  

In the Retreat space this week I was able to welcome three people who wanted to see Step at work with a view to joining us.

Over the years lots of people told me that they love what Step does, but they have lots of questions about what would be expected of them. They worry about what they are 'allowed to say' to students. Visiting a Retreat is the easiest way to see for themselves and be in the best position to make a good choice. 

If you'd like to join the Admin team, or visit a Retreat as a potential volunteer please do contact Terrie on Terrie@stepschoolswork.org.uk