The Big Fish

Fun-Frenzied-Fresh are all words I would use to describe the brand new lunchtime club launched at St George’s School this term, where I had the opportunity to join the School Chaplain as he led a lively session with around 20 Year 7 & 8 students.


We began with some quick games including competing to catching paper fish with a magnetic fishing rod, a race wafting paper fish along the carpet with a wad of newspaper, and a memory game – seeing who could remember the most items on the tray!

The session concluded with part 2 of a bible study into the story of Jonah with particular reflection around his realisation that he couldn’t escape God’s plans for him, and a challenge to think about whether we worship the one true God in our lives or put smaller gods above him.

The students loved the session, actively participating but also listening and joining in the brief bible study and discussion at the end. It was so encouraging to see this lively witness taking place within the school and being so well attended - apparently 30 students had attended the previous week!

We give thanks to God for how he is using this club within the school and ask that he would encourage more students within this age bracket to choose to attend.