Cheers to our Step Reps


On Wednesday evening, we said a big thank you to our Step Reps with a lovely meal at Forest Town Church. It was a great evening of encouragement and fellowship. A special thank you needs to be said to Gillian, one of our Step Reps and volunteers, who helped organise the event, but alas, she wasn’t able to attend the evening due to illness.

For those of you who don’t know, Step Reps are members of church congregations who help us connect with their church through distributing and displaying promotional material, helping us arrange church visits and ensuring updates about Step are shared. Every Step Rep’s role will look slightly different to reflect their own situation and the nature of their church. You can find out more about the role by clicking here so please get in touch if you’d be interested in getting involved in this way. Even if your church already has a Step Rep, it may be possible and beneficial to share the role to be even more effective.