Youth work is all about moving chairs!


Why? Because youth work is about creating room for God. Whether physically, emotionally, spiritually or even chronologically. To do that you have to move things. You have to make space.

Regarding change and growth, some people say you should wait for a stroke of serendipity, but youth workers don’t. They aren’t content to wait and hope the universe cuts someone a break. They don’t sit back and watch others become overwhelmed by their situations. Youth workers intentionally make moments and spaces where young people can be changed forever. They support during hard times, they hang out during the normal times and cheerlead during good times. Christian youth workers go one step further and try and create space for God. They believe that Jesus is the best possible thing for young people and He is the one who is best positioned to help us experience life in all its fullness.

With this in mind, yesterday Step spent the day with 30 amazing sixth formers from Nicholas Breakspear School. The aim of a Step Day is to create a hallowed space for the students to reflect on how to move on from school and into what God has for them next. Through four diverse activities, 14 amazing volunteers enabled the students to consider God’s technicolour gift to them (think Joseph), to reflect through being creative, to practically challenge fears attached to change and finally, through using Dare to Engage’s OPEN activity, encounter some of Jesus’ thought regarding how we cope with liminal moments.

Do you move chairs and create space for God? Would you like to? If you’d like to do it with us, through physically moving chairs or praying for us as we make spaces for God, or you’d like to help support the growing work of Step, please do contact Terrie.