Put yourself in the picture

At our Step Day this week, we were able to invite adults who were keen to see first-hand how Step works, what the resources are like, how the team interacts with the students and how the students respond. 

The Step Days are simply the best way to see all of these things in practice. 

There are people who would love to work with Step, enabling them to go into their local community and share their faith to help young people engage with Jesus. But these same people have an amazing array of doubts about how they might fit into Step and the bigger picture. They can’t see themselves standing in a classroom full of students, let alone leading a lesson. They feel they don’t know how to do any of the things that Step does. 

The Step website has a section for volunteers. If you’re interested in what a Step volunteer can expect, do take a look at this section to find out what some of our volunteers say and watch a video of John, one of our current volunteers, explaining why he loves working with Step. You can also find the testimonies of past interns and volunteers under The Step Experience.

If you would like to discuss how you could work with Step, please contact terrie@stepschoolswork.org.uk.