A Chance to Shine Brighter in Our Schools

Sometimes the growing pressures in our society can make some Christian young people feel overwhelmed when explaining their faith to peers in school. How can young people shine their light whilst amongst their friends and peers?

At Revolution Day, an event run at The Vineyard Church, Step spoke to young people about how they can be salt and light in their schools. With a pile of glow sticks and several sacks of salt Chris and Sara got the young people to think about what Jesus meant when he asked us to be salt and light. Using this as inspiration they presented their ideas to each other and encouraged one another through prayer. (Have a look at their handiwork below)

Revolution Day is a activity packed day for young people to come and worship, hear teachings, play team games, play on inflatables and spend time with other young Christians their age from across the city and surrounding areas. As well as running the Salt and Light session we had also brought our Justice mat along for the young people to explore and enjoy.

It was lovely day and a great opportunity to spend some time with young people in a relaxed environment.