It's Chapel - but not as you know it!

St George’s chapel has stood as a monument in the centre of the school’s life since it was founded in 1907. Throughout the years to present it has remained a constant centre for worship used weekly by students and staff alike.

To many students, attending chapel is a compulsory part of school life, a necessary ritual required as part of enrolment in such an outstanding school. But relating to God in school has recently taken on a fresh level for many students who chose to join in with the January week of prayer.

The zeitgeist is for personal connection and interaction, and so the genius of this week has been the move in St George’s to use this incredible space, historically dedicated to worship, and adorn it with opportunities for contemporary prayer to God, which would stimulate personal faith in the students.

6 prayer bases were set up around the chapel with colourful lighting surrounding some. This required moving a few chairs away from each base, but enabled the chapel to be used for normal services too.

The bases covered areas of interaction with God, such as seeking God’s forgiveness, lighting candles for praying for healing, a large map and post-it prayers for the world, and a wailing wall for prayer requests to be stuck in the cracks. Another was for celebrating the pilgrimage of life by building bead bracelets, and the pun-loving Rev’s favourite base was entitled “DRAW” near to God – worship through art corner.

About 50 students attended the chapel each day during their break and lunch times, adding up to around 200 through the whole week. Students were observed reflecting, taking their time, praying with each other and commenting on how uplifted they felt.