Should We Care About The Environment?

At Townsend this week the Year 11s have been exploring why caring for the environment should be a Christian concern. Step visited all four classes over the week, speaking to around 120 students in total.

Earth Poem jpeg.jpg

During the lesson they watched video clips, read poetry, discussed scripture and completed a quiz to work out how environmentally friendly they are.

I was greatly encouraged by a recent conversation with a Year 12 student at Townsend, who told me how useful these lessons can be to GCSE students.

He said, “Thank you for all the lessons you did with us last year. I received an 8 for my RE GCSE and some of the scripture I used in my exam was from what you taught us.” It was a fantastic chance conversation and a great reminder of the positive impact our work can have.

My hope is that the lesson has given the Year 11s a really good grounding on why Christians should care about the environment, but also on why we should all care about the environment. It’s a reminder that everything that we do to help makes a difference, even if only on a small scale.

We finished the lesson by watching a video designed to challenge and encourage people to Protect, Restore and Fund. The clip features Greta Thunberg who sometimes finds herself up against controversy, but is a similar age to the students in the class. It was a great way to show the students that age doesn’t need to hold them back. If you are interested in the clip you can watch it below.

Helena :)