A fool for Christ

Dancing isn’t my thing. I managed to avoid dancing at my own wedding. But somehow I ended up dancing at Step’s Barn dance on Friday night.

I say ended up - by that I mean some generous people donated lots of money to watch me dance. Not just dance, but to dress up as Wonder Woman and Do si Do and Strip the Willow in front of everyone. It was a rather discombobulating experience. Luckily I wasn’t alone and Hermione and Captain America joined in. Despite the ritual humiliation for charity, the evening was a great success with over 90 guests turning up to dance, eat and have fun together. This is our third Barn Dance and the best one yet. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m beginning to enjoy it. Do join us next year.

On reflection, this wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last that I’ve dressed up for Step, or more precisely for Jesus. I’ve dressed up as a scientist carrying ox tongues to illustrate what the Bible says about the power of the tongue. I’ve been a builder fixing the roof of the house which the paraplegic was lowered through. I’ve been the judge deciding if Jesus’ body was stolen. I’ve been guards, Goliath, Pharaoh, Adam, Eve, Moses, Samson and Ehud the Judge. I’ve even been a witch (from the Narnia stories) to demonstrate evil; Edmund, to explore the nature of sin and Aslan to explain substitution. To add to the spectacle, I even chose to walk from the office to the school, inciting a huge reaction from the students who saw me from the buses on their way to school. One responded by saying “You must really love Jesus to commit such social suicide!” Maybe he was just voicing a modern understanding of what it is to be ‘a fool for Christ’. 

God is still calling us to be fools for him.  To live in ways that are counter cultural. In what way is God calling you to be a fool for Christ? If you’d like us to provide you with some opportunities to achieve this, do get in touch.

If you’d prefer to pray, do join us to pray for the schools and Step on Tuesday 5th at High Street Methodist Church at 7.30.