The power of talking


This week marked the end of Step’s latest Tough Stuff Course at Nicholas Breakspear School. The Step facilitators sat watching smiles morph into sad faces and then back, as the 8 week journey concluded with a small party.

The students had joined us at the start with various mind sets, ranging from feeling overwhelmed all the way through to being emotionally locked down. 

These brave students had embarked on a journey together to consider their grief and loss and, as the Tough Stuff course encourages, to ‘grow through it’. Which they did! As they fed back what they had learnt during the course, every student acknowledged the power of talking. Accepting the truth of their situations and recognising that in time things would be different were also key discoveries. Each student in their own way made giant leaps. Some said ‘I have learnt to forgive myself’, others have realised ‘It wasn’t my fault’. They also said ‘I should be kinder to myself’, ‘I should focus on the good stuff’, ‘Being positive is better than being negative’, ‘I’ve realised others have it worse than me’ and ‘I’ve learnt to walk away and come back when it’s calmed down’. 

These young people haven’t just learnt skills to manage their loss; many also fed back an increase in confidence, self esteem, communication skills, empathy, positivity and managing their emotions. Step is so proud of each student and we look forward to seeing what these brave souls do with their new skills and qualities.

The increasing need of young people in the area of mental health is a huge cause for concern and Step is seeking to harness the treasures of the church to help young people navigate these issues. Step runs courses on relationships, loss and also leadership. We also work with The 267 Project to deliver a fabulous new course on anxiety.

If you would like to help young people through these courses, please contact us to find out how. There is a need for finances to run the courses, prayers for the brave young people seeking to change, and more team to enable us to offer these courses to any young person in St Albans and Harpenden.