Learning for life


Over the past 6 weeks of deepest winter half term, a team of tenacious Step volunteers and workers descended upon Roundwood’s Year 12 with a carousel of 6 early morning sessions per week. The sessions are designed to bring salt and light to areas of life often contemplated less in an academic environment. Our sessions included: Love Languages, Ethical Shopping, Values, Myers-Briggs personality profile, understanding the male and female brain and iMatter.

In the church we are more familiar with teaching which speaks to our hearts about how we relate to ourselves, friends, God and the wider world around us. However, we were intrigued that many of the concepts that we set out to discuss with the students were alien to many of them and often things they had never considered previously.

Much of the content required engagement primarily on an emotional and relational level rather than being just theoretical. Some students were apathetic and not keen to spend energy discussing these topics, others were baffled and struggled to find a point of reference as they began to explore, and still others found the sessions informative and began to reflect more about their meaning and application.

Overall, we were reminded that these young people are worth infinitely more and are far more interesting than the educational achievements they so often measure themselves by. Our hope and prayer for them are that they will continue to discover the blueprint of God’s incredible and intentional design for them, and become aware of their immense value.