Go Your Own Way

Since September we have interviewed 9 new volunteers. This is very exciting, as each of them will bring something new to Step. 

Whilst everyone has to fit into an existing pattern of the school day, they will each start their volunteer role in their own way, to suit their other commitments. 

Some volunteers systematically attend everything that Step does, which can take many months; they then choose to focus on a particular lesson, activity or school.

Other volunteers have one day a week that they can offer and so they will do whichever lesson in any school that is needed on that particular day.

Often our volunteers are already sure what they want to do; some want to commit to do the same thing every week such as leading a lunchtime group, or a single lesson a week, whereas others want to spend a whole day with us on an occasional basis when we run a retreat. 

Step benefits massively with each new volunteer because they see things we can do better or differently. They have experience and stories about their walk with God to share. Each also brings their own unique combination of abilities - whether in poetry, admin, prayer, pottery, maths, storytelling, IT or flower arranging - which hugely enriches what we can provide to the young people of St Albans and Harpenden.

When you pray, please thank God for these new volunteers. They really will make an enormous difference to Step. If you’d like to chat about what your unique role as a Step volunteer could look like, do get in touch: terrie@stepschoolswork.org.uk