Love Is All You Need

I am writing this article after “eating my frog’” as Terrie would say, and washing my car (even my dad was surprised to see me do it, it has been that long). My car, who I have named Tilly, has become an important part of my life as a schools worker. Without her I would be unable to get to all the different lessons and events in my school. 

I have begun to realise the importance of looking after my trusty little Tilly who I depend on to get me everywhere. The week before half term, despite having a nail in her tyre, she reliably got me to Townsend and back everyday so that I could run the I Am Loved Cafe for Feelin’ Good Week. I had a great time in the Discovery Centre each day running activities and speaking to the students about their lives.


During the week we focused on two projects: making a Garden of Peace and a Wall of Love. Having projects to work towards helped the students to engage as they could see they were part of something bigger. 

The students loved making their flowers for the peace garden and it opened up some great conversations whilst they were thinking about what made them feel peaceful. For a lot of the students it was their friends, family or pets that made them feel most peaceful. 


Later in the week the students began to draw and write things they wanted to add to the wall of love. Again we had some fab conversations from talking about family and friends to talking about beds and sleep!

During the week students could also design a mask. Whilst they were doing this they were encouraged to think about the masks they wear in life. A few students I spoke to admitted they act differently around their friends to how they act around their family. This is unsurprising as they are in a time of life where they are still trying to work out who they are, but it was great to be able to talk about why there were these differences. 

All in all we had a fantastic week creating, thinking and talking. I’m very grateful that my little car managed to get me there each day so I could continue to have these conversation (and in case you are wondering, she had a trip to the garage to fix her tyre after the cafe finished on Friday).

If you would be interested in getting involved in cafes we would love you to get in touch by clicking here.  

Helena :)