Safe Haven

Increasingly we are hearing reports that young people’s lives are being wrecked by anxiety and stress-related problems. Recent government advice was that all schools should provide support to enable students to deal with their emotional wellbeing.

“Schools have an important role to play in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children by developing whole school approaches tailored to their particular needs.”

- Department of Education, November 2018

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As Christians, we believe that our Heavenly Father cares a great deal about the state of our wellbeing, not only in an eternal sense but in terms of how we live our lives whilst here on Earth.

The Haven in Schools was launched as a joint initiative between STEP and the 2:67 Project in order to create a safe space for students to receive help with their anxiety and learn some basic but life-changing tools to help them overcome anxiety in their lives. The course lasts for 6 weekly sessions.

7 students from Year 11 have just completed the course. One student said: “I would recommend Haven because it helps you deal with the way you are feeling & it shows you how to calm yourself down when you are panicking.”

Another 9 students from Year 10 in Nicholas Breakspear school are now at week 3. We are also in the process of approaching other schools we have a relationship with to offer them The Haven.