Who is the most powerful? Who has the most influence? Who is the best leader?

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As some of the team walked down the tarmac to Verulam School to deliver Leadership Foundations, they discussed how so many young people have missed the point regarding leadership. Young people often believe leadership is simply delegated power and authority, probably because of their experiences and examples.  Step wrote a course called Leadership Foundations to address this attitude. Step’s intention for these sessions is to equip young people to be our next generation of leaders. Leaders we would respect, admire and trust. Leaders who have the skills for the job, but also are suitable for the job - full of integrity and positive values and of good character.

Leadership Foundations has just finished its third week. This week 12 students were faced with the three questions mentioned in the heading and many others. The students were presented with some of the best leaders known to mankind and were asked who is the most powerful, the most influential and the best leader. Their response was very millennial - they chose to measure leadership by counting who had the most followers. Jesus won each category. They voted Putin as second, so more work is needed…

The students are attending this after-school course to learn about leadership as they prepare to be Senior Officers at school. They will learn about Skills, Teamwork and Influence. But more importantly they will also learn about Identity, Character and Perseverance. Step provides scenarios for the students to lead in and then work with them to explore how they lead. The following week, students present what they learnt about each aspect of leadership.

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