From Buffets to Banquets – A BIG THANK YOU!!


Step’s current supporters gathered together last Saturday over a lovely meal at Beales Hotel in Hatfield, to hear the latest stories on how Step has impacted the lives of young people in St Albans and Harpenden.

Why the title “From Buffets to Banquets?”  It is to highlight not only the Dinner last week, but also our annual Barn Dance in January – that was accompanied by a sumptuous buffet!  These two events allowed Step to speak to a variety of people, some who champion and encourage us in various ways, and others who have no idea who we are.  

We were able to showcase and promote the work that we do in schools and talk about Jesus - there is something very powerful about sharing food and talking about Jesus together!  The Dinner and the Barn Dance has raised nearly £11,000 and we are very grateful for the generosity our guests offer Step.  

However, Step is still in the unfortunate position of having a projected deficit of £18,000 by the end of this academic year.  If you would like to help Step, here are the three ways you can:-



Promoting Step.

Thank you everyone for all your efforts to ensure Step continues to offer all it can to the local secondary schools.