The grey matter behind iMatter

Each term our Schools Coordinators and admin staff take a day out of our usual routine to focus on God. This term, on Wednesday 20th March, we invited along our extended team of volunteers to share more about our iMatter theme and its impact in schools. 

We are often asked what inspires our ideas. It’s a very good question but not a simple answer, so on Wednesday we explained how our iMatter theme developed. Chris explained the juxtaposition he found himself in that created the discomfort and challenged him to look for the response Step should be offering, because of our faith, to mental health discussions. 

Coming soon: our brand new iMatter mat

Coming soon: our brand new iMatter mat

Helena went on to explain the resources we have developed because of our iMatter theme to address some of the issues faced by our students. 

Our guest speaker was Kate Middleton, a church leader from Hitchin who works with young people to support their mental health. Kate was very passionate about her role and talked a lot about expected behaviour of teens and how to build resilience in them. 

The conversations on the day were fascinating and very productive, resulting in volunteers signing up to join our lessons and Step Days. It was a wonderful opportunity to build friendships, especially with our newest volunteers who spent much of the day ooh-ing at our resources and cackling at tales of our antics in schools. Click here if you’d like to know more about becoming part of this magnificent volunteer team.

Going forward, some of what we learned on Wednesday will be the inspiration for our next resources. When the team sit to debrief (and the feedback comes in), there will be nuggets of wisdom that shape our thinking and we will certainly be better for them.