The Case for Christ

Easter assemblies are a well-trodden strip of tarmac but for some, understanding Easter is a life changing event. 

At the start of next week I will be attempting to bring some new insights into this well told event by exploring Lee Strobel’s investigation into the Case for Christ. Lee was a strong atheist for many years and was horrified when his wife became a Christian. In a bid to change her mind Lee began to investigate the evidence for the resurrection determined to prove that it didn’t happen. However what Lee found changed his life forever.

Lee’s journey through the evidence took him nearly two years to complete. He looked at the crucifixion and whether Jesus really died, he explored the early accounts of the resurrection, took apart the evidence for the empty grave and cross examined the eyewitness accounts. The evidence he found was remarkable and led him to the verdict that he would have to have more faith to hold on to his atheism than to believe that Jesus really did die on the cross and resurrected from the dead three days later.

These days the Easter story can sometimes find itself being told like a fairy story. I truly believe it’s a healthy reminder or a helpful revelation, as we head into this time of remembrance, that this event has a solid core of historical evidence. Which shows us easter is not just a fairy story but a real event.

I am very excited to be able to share some of Lee’s findings with the students and I would strongly encourage you to read his book or watch the film (both entitled The Case for Christ) to explore the evidence he found for yourselves.

Helena :)