When God has a better plan

Early starts on a Monday morning were never my thing! However, this Monday started out particularly badly.

I woke up feeling off colour and couldn’t manage breakfast, arrived at the school and the reception computer refused to sign me in (wasting about 15 minutes of precious briefing and prayer time). Then it turned out that a treasured team member had mysteriously found themselves in the wrong school and was now late and struggling to find me. Not to mention that the ‘Resurrection and Ascension’ lesson plan was a particularly wordy one, which I tend to struggle with and had been worrying about.

To top this off, the class teacher wasn’t feeling well either and half the class arrived 5–10 minutes late. Pretty much everything which could go wrong had gone wrong.

As the teacher took a snappy register 10 minutes into our precious hour, I looked around at the Year 7 class, took stock of my inward anxiety, and fired up a brief yet sincere prayer: “Lord, help me!”

We whistled though the first half of the lesson material, fuelled by a celestial energy. The class were responsive and interactive. However, what happened in the remaining 20 minutes made me excited beyond words. Many of the Year 7 students were inquisitive about the lesson’s explanation of salvation, grace and heaven and hell and where pets go when they die - and so what followed was an entourage of hands raised to ask heartfelt questions and curiosity to hear the answers. I love these moments because this is why I work for Step.

As I left the lesson I felt the energy drain from my body (later I spent the afternoon in bed sleeping off this sudden sick bug). I smiled inwardly, aware that I had spent the previous hour in the presence of a God whose strength is made perfect in my weakness. Oh His Resurrection Power!

Happy Easter to all.